2023 in Pisticci….different sort of day….

After getting up about 6.30am it was nice to sit outside again. I would have been chilly if I’d had a bigger breakfast. But this morning there were at least blue skies.

However they didn’t last. And after lunch this is what the weather looked like.

Quite dramatic
I think my street looks very atmospheric.

I spent some time today with a twitter friend. That was a great surprise.

(Note to self. Must find some ideas for instant lunches and keep ingredients in store cupboard. )

In between I found time to make a canvas for my new portrait commission.

Only took 45 minutes.

The portrait is now drawn and ready to paint.

Fluffy has been in and out all day.

One chilled cat! Or alternatively…free heating.

My black canvases arrived today. Still don’t know what I’ll use them for.

Wine time now. Should be busy tomorrow . Portrait is to be done by Tuesday.


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