Day 35 staying home in Pisticci…..holidays are not my favourite days..

Holidays are for families and couples but not for single people. ( or me at least) On normal days I feel like a relatively ok member of society but on holidays I feel left out and like “annie no mates “. It’s not that being single hasn’t got a lot of advantages on other days but not Sundays and holidays. So today was double. It’s ironic that this lockdown mostly disguises my lack of social life. When it stops life won’t be that different . Except that my virtual social life which I am enjoying lots will likely drop off a bit… I am a bit afraid that I am enjoying being a hermit way too much… except on Sundays and holidays.

This morning I made an effort and decorated two eggs for breakfast. It was warm outside and I lasted about 15 minutes sitting at the table with a coffee before I got bored.

Then I more or less lazed about with a book….oops sorry, took care of my basic need for rest. That sounds much better. And I am tired .

Finally about 2pm I sprang into action and started looking for photos of sunflowers online. ( words really make a difference….finally got bored with myself and went and did something , isn’t nearly as positive. )

So I have looked out yellow paint , cleaned my palette and decided roughly what I want to do. I could have started but having ” sprung into action ” previously , I didn’t have enough energy. Tomorrow will do.

Suitably organised I went back to looking at portraits online and found one I liked which inspired me to find my camera and try and take a photo of myself in a suitable pose. I am quite handicapped by not having a tripod or any patience. However a cardboard box on the cupboard worked reasonably well and after pressing the timer button I rushed over and posed in what I hoped was an arty/moody pose that made me look ten years younger than I am. Unfortunately I have forgotten how to get the camera to show me what I have taken. Frustrating or what!!! Then I couldnt find the download button after eventually finding a connection that worked with the laptop. Much to my surprise and undeserved good luck I think I have a suitable photo. As I am planning to use another big canvas I had been considering a very large head , but that feels too “in your face”, so I am going to be curled up on the sofa surrounded by paintings. Which I am comfortable with.

Its nearly winetime again. Today I haven’t checked numbers of cases of the virus locally and I don’t know what is happening elsewhere. Enough trouble coping with a holiday on a Sunday……..haven’t made up my mind whether tomorrow is a holiday or not….

Making an effort….. it was a beautiful morning.
This is plan A for background of self portrait. Still time to change my mind.


  1. I really enjoyed your daily diary. We should be in Calabria just now we go beginning of April until mid July back to Scotland until 1 September until November. I love your paintings and the first thing I do when I open my iPad is read your daily diary. Please keep it up it is so enjoyable. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇹

    • Thank you. It gives me a bit of stability or something to sum up the day. But its lovely to know people are enjoying it.
      I hope it will be possible for people to return to Italy soon. A lot of my friends had to leave for various reasons are now unable to come back for the time being.

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