Day 36 staying home in Pisticci… like a rocket

If I knew what it was that made the difference I would obviously repeat it and be the most productive busy person ever!

So after 2 days of lounging about and hardly doing anything ,this morning I woke up , not feeling particularly ” heigh ho lets jump out of bed and open the door , welcome the sun in, make an enormous breakfast , do 20 minutes jogging up and down the street and so on etc”

More , oh dear it’ s morning again…..

I started by writing my phone diary. That’s talking to myself and sorting things out. Then after a quick flick through facebook , decided to save twitter for later, came downstairs. Got coffee and laptop, wrote another 500 words, then dyed hair and cut it and found the 2 extra eggs hardboiled yesterday but not painted, and made more coffee and went outside to my little bar to start the day. It was a lovely morning and that space on the wall where the sunflowers were to go was looking very empty.

I thought that maybe I would paint the leaves this morning and then the flowers tomorrow . So after I had painted the leaves and added shadows and highlights it was getting a bit hot. On the plus side there was no need to wait for the paint to dry as it took only minutes.

I stopped for ten minutes and then thought , maybe I should just paint the big brown bits in the middle of the flowers. ( there is likely a proper name for that but I can’t think of it.) So I painted the big brown bits and then thought I might as well paint the orange circle round them. Well after that I wanted obviously to see what they would look like next so I painted the yellow petals ( one technical word😀) And so it went on until it was an hour past lunch time and I was more or less satisfied and had nearly run out of paint. Which reminds me …must wash brushes!!

In the midst of all this work and going in and out of the work room with different colours of paint I had 3 phone calls. What a very nice morning.

I am now considering painting lavender as well on the wall. I am very fond of poppies too…..and there is still that space further up the wall where an alcove with an urn might look good.

Maybe I will leave my big self portrait for next week . I would quite like to see if I could do some watercolours of my garden. I suppose I could do some local scenes but as there will probably be no tourists this year that seems like a good reason for carrying on painting what I want instead.

Hurray it’s nearly wine time again .

After a quick skim through twitter is still the same depressing mess in the UK and some curiosity as to how boris johnson has made such a quick apparent recovery. There were 3 more cases of the virus in Basilicata yesterday ,but there is going to be a big army type hospital built near a local town. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing something, but a friend said it is also for patients from Calabria. There is also a possibility that hardware shops will be opened soon.

What a lovely day in all. Two of the cats have slipped in under the net curtain hanging at the door and are exploring my house. They are very timid so if I move they’ll run out again. The sun is still shining. That’s day 36 more or less done then.

I watched SHOESTRING on youtube last night. It’s a detective series with Trevor Eve , which I remember from when I was young. It was not bad . The hairstyles were wild. Hoping I can find another episode tonight.

Hair cut and coloured at salon d’anna. Good thing I have a simple hairstyle.
You can see the space where the lavender could go .. and have just thought HOLLYHOCKS. I loved them ….oh this could grow and grow…..
View up the street. Plenty of wall left……..

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