Day 37 staying home in Pisticci…..snail’s pace again…

There were grey skies when I looked out this morning. That wasn’t supposed to happen as I was going to varnish my sunflowers and maybe paint lavender.

After my usual morning routine , this morning including 5 minutes of yoga. ( I do 5 salutes to the sun. …takes from 3 minutes upwards depending on what mood am in. ) I can bend down with my legs straight and put my hands flat on the floor. This ability makes me feel quite athletic. ( and I don’t think I have particularly long arms and short legs…not much) I can also kick my height… oops showing off now. But I don’t really like exercise unless I am doing something…or going somewhere . I looked at more exercise videos on youtube today . I thought maybe a nice yoga one would suit me. I used to love the yoga class I went to in the next town. The teacher had the most soothing voice and all the exercises when described in Italian ( most of which I didn’t understand) felt more special . I liked that class as it was the most relaxed I got all week. Sometimes a cat joined us. The relaxation at the end was blissful….I just let the flowing Italian words float over my head and drifted off. Sigh!!!

So most exercise videos just don’t appeal. Not good are , teacher who says she is super excited, ones for seniors , not ready for that, or beginners, boring, cardio pump blah blah something, too energetic and over 15minutes, too long.

However I think I have found an answer. Circuits of my house. I did 10 today. It took me about 10 minutes and I walked quite fast. It was not particularly boring, better than nothing, nobody saw me, I didn’t need to change my clothes and most importantly I think I could make myself do that most days. RESULT!!

I was a bit thrown by the unexpected greyness so I decided to go lie on my bed under a rug, with a book and keep warm till I thought of something to do. It was then I thought of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and felt better about lazing about. I think he theorised that people needed to be warm and fed and have shelter before they could deal with anything else. Or something like that. I seem to be needing a lot of that just now. Some days I feel a heavy sad feeling and like their are tears at the back of my eyes all day. Mostly I distract myself by reading or going outside.

I was beginning to think I was getting me.. me.. but to be fair there is no one else here. I think about my family so far away but my role with them is to keep myself fine and be available on the phone when necessary. And there is no one else to consider.

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine again. I have now printed out a photo of Hollyhocks so am ready to paint them after or even before the lavender. I am looking forward to doing that. I have a vague plan in mind for why I am doing all this apart from it being something to do. But it may or may not work out.

The sun is finally coming back a little and I can see blue skies out of the window. It’s been scottish weather today….not one thing or the other.

At least I have my exercise regime sorted.

Now it’s wine time and there were no cases of the virus reported today in Basilicata. Apparently some shops are now going to be allowed to open.

I read some of the speech that the french PM Macron made last night and was encouraged. ( I also saw Trump being interviewed. ) Am feeling very european right now.

I don’t just walk straight back and forward but go in and round the rooms…. maybe I should make some jumps…….
Its still pretty even on a dull day.

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