Day 38 staying home in Pisticci…..and a cold north wind

It was supposed to be sunny today but again there were clouds. And as my street is like a wind tunnel the north wind was twice as strong there as anywhere else.

Today was my first day wearing my proper mask, given to me by the commune. It fitted well, unlike my homemade efforts….. that however was the problem.

Walking to the supermarket I had my sunglasses on and only put the mask on when I got near the piazza. I still don’t think it’s compulsory to wear one but am not certain. I still feel a bit embarrassed wearing one though.

But when I stopped to wait outside the supermarket and took my sunglasses off then my other glasses steamed up. I tried adjusting the mask but nothing helped. By the time 5 of us got our bits of cardboard with numbers written on them and let into the shop I was forced to push my glasses up on my head and peer shortsightedly at the shelves. Luckily I knew where most things were anyways but it did rather take the edge off my weekly adventure. I couldn’t even put them back on to see what money I was handing over at the till. Then I nearly fell over trying to put on my ruck sack with all the wine ( bought double incase I ran out) and a big bag of potatoes. . Was not my best moment…..

I think that qualifies as exercise for today.

Had a nice sit down and 2nd cup of coffee when I got home.

As the north wind was still blowing I thought maybe I should at least cut the canvas for my next big painting. . That didn’t take long and surprisingly the stapler was working so I put in a few staples. Unfortunately it didn’t look very stretched so I had to take them out again which is not easy and needed a lot of poking with scissors and quite a lot of swearing. Thereafter I watched a video on how to do it properly which in fact I had been doing. Some day I am going to buy good materials and stretchers and think how easy it actually is. The canvas which was from a roll 11mtrs long and about 160cms wide is quite stiff and has virtually no give whatsoever. The stretchers should have a cross support but I didn’t insist so they don’t.

I started again and even following the instructions I made a reasonable, rather than a good job. I told myself that if the paintings are ever considered good enough to go in a gallery then someone else can fix them

By then the sun had come out so I took ten minutes and now the sunflowers are safely varnished.

I tried printing out some images potentially for my self portrait but didn’t like the results so will need to come up with a plan B. Drat!!

Today I have been a bit worried about my family again. When this pandemic started and it was considered very bad and serious in Italy was still mainly older people who died. Not entirely but certainly at the beginning.

I never for a moment thought that it would be so much worse in the UK and that so many younger people would get seriously ill or die. At that time I thought as most of my family were reasonably healthy that if they got it they would be fine. But now I am not so sure.

It explains though why I am so furious with the UK government as they were supposed to be looking out for them and taking care of them because I can’t. And now the latest problem is about the protective clothing which is to be sent to England first and only after that maybe to Scotland. .

I don’t know what it’s like in the UK and if the news is different I never imagined I would say thank goodness for Piers Morgan. Maybe when you are living in the country then you need to believe that the government is doing its best because the alternative is not good.

Looking from the outside it does seem that it is the people who are objecting and questioning who are making a difference, or it might have been herd immunity by now and even more people dying.

I don’t know what will happen. But I do know that I wish my family lived in New Zealand right now.

But as I have a lot of wine and its after 5pm then it’s time to have a glass, ( contact my daughter in Scotland and send a photo and message “cheers” ), watch some old detective series on youtube or maybe more out takes from Mamma Mia ….and pass another evening in Pisticci.

Ready and waiting…..
Thought that I coukd call this the wildfower garden. Might even be some poppies.

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