Day 44 staying home in Pisticci…..making myself laugh now

I’ve noticed that I am speaking out loud to myself a lot more now. Mostly telling myself what to do and asking myself questions , but now I am making my self laugh as well. Twice today I burst out laughing at something I said. That seemed a little odd to me…. but then maybe it’s normal but I am spending so much time by myself that everything is becoming odd. Anyways what made me laugh the second time was when I was discussing with myself what kind of look I was going for in my self portrait and I said ” strong , moody and pathetic.” I meant poetic but think it may have been a freudian slip.

My portrait is finally started. I decided to draw the flowers today and the background and then draw myself tomorrow as that would be the difficult part. Somehow though I have drawn myself and in particular my face and made quite a reasonable job if it. A very good example of tricking my mind into doing something I am afraid of. Tomorrow I can start painting. .

It’s been dull and rainy again today and the same is forecast for tomorrow and thursday.

I didnt wake up until nearly 8am today. The rain kept me awake last night. I think I still can’t believe it’s not coming through the roof. ( it’s not)

It is feeling like this time on my own is drawing to a close and I am not too happy about that. I’ve felt protected for these last weeks. Not imprisoned in my house but taken care of. But I know it won’t have been like that for most people.

After no new cases in Basilicata yesterday there are 8 new cases today. Apparently there were twice as many tests done. It’s all very complicated. No change in the UK according to my twitter feed. I think I might be feeling quite happy if it wasn’t for a sense of dread for what could happen to family there. At least they are in Scotland and being sensible.

Passing quickly on I saw my first poppies today. I love poppies and there used to be lots of them at the end of the street . I am looking forward to all the wild flowers coming out soon. May is usually a beautiful month. It could be the perfect time for painting postcard sized watercolours.

Am a bit early for wine time right now , but then I did have lunch at 11.30am. I was hungry.

I forgot to do yoga and I haven’t done 10 circuits of my house…… may or may not do them.

Am very happy that I have started my second big painting , the self portrait. I have a third one half planned which might be perfect to be painted in May.

Now to chose whether to watch on youtube , Frost or Shoestring or sherlock holmes or morse or vera or sonething else that youtube thinks I will like.

I like old walls. This might even become a watercolour.
More poppies.
Well started and sprayed with hairspray. Its now warm enough to work in the other part of my house.

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