Day 45 staying home in Pisticci….. the giant centipede

My heart is still racing , even after 10 circuits  of my house because I was confronted by the giant centipede again. I think it was more than 15cm long. I was just plugging in my phone when I saw it crossing the rug. After giving a quick shriek I snatched a plate from beside the sink and dropped it over it. I could hear it hissing round under the plate. I grabbed the first bit of card I could find and slid it under the plate . It stuck its horrible little head out and hissed at me but I managed to keep it in. Shaking, I turned the plate over with the card on top and headed for the door. I got the door open and then turned the plate upside down and dropped it on the ground. It fell out and almost immediately headed back towards the door. I pushed it away with the card and it turned round and headed towards me again. Completely freaked I picked up a plastic bottle half full of plaster that was sitting on the doorstep and battered it. When I was pretty sure it was dead I pushed it away from the door. I then did my 10 circuits to calm myself down and almost relaxed. I kept looking just to make sure it was dead. It was fairly well squished. Then on the last circuit a bit of it moved. I thought I was mistaken but it moved again. Now it is dead under a very heavy stone …….and if its not still there tomorrow I may need tranquillizers.

Otherwise its been a quiet day. Foggy and rainy.

I have been working on my self portrait and it has gone quite well so far. Its so nice only pleasing myself.

I have painted myself without glasses as I think eyes are important and I didn’t want my eyes to be hidden. I am without glasses much more now as my eyesight is such that I can read better without them. I had contact lenses for about 10 years but as I had to get specially shaped ones because of my peculiar eyesight I eventually gave up wearing them . It was great though. I didn’t know what I looked like without glasses before that as I am so short sighted I could only see myself clearly close up. I always hated having glasses and being called specky and four eyes. When I was young ” no one made passes at girls with glasses” and my only role model was Nana Mouskouri. Women in films took their glasses off and shook out their hair to look pretty. I was the only one in my class at primary school wearing glasses. So being tall , thin , shy, with glasses and big feet I was not very confident. Being clever didnt count .

However now that I am an adventurous artist living in a cute little house in the south of Italy I have got over that. ( But I still decided I wanted to be remembered without the specs.)

I think my heart has slowed back down to normal now. I hope the centipede didn’t have a family who are all living somewhere in my house. Oh gross!!!!!

There are 4 cases of the virus in Basilicata today and it seems like there are again ,more people being tested.

I have washed my mask which I got from the commune and it has gone all peculiar. If it is neccessary to wear one all summer I think I will make my own. ( I will try harder than before… it cant be that difficult… ) and I have seen how to test if they are any good by trying to blow out a flame through them . To be honest I think the home made colourful ones are less scary.

Hurray , it is wine time again and I spotted an episode of Hamish Macbeth on youtube. That should be fun. One more day of rain and storms due and then back to normal sunshine on friday. Could be much worse……

Makes me shiver just looking at it……
Pleased with progress so far..


  1. Brilliantly told story of centipede! I was actually lol 😂 One day when I get back to Italy I hope to visit Pisticci/Maratea and hopefully meet you for a wee “vino” with my friend Teresa who also follows you on Twitter. I go to a small village Vallerotonda which in near Cassino and my friend is near Tropea. Hope you got over your ordeal ok! Stay safe e viva Italia 🇮🇹

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