Day 46 staying home in pisticci…. think I have finished my book…now what will I do?

I may or may not have finished the book I have been writing for the last year. It feels very brave saying that. So I am not saying it is a good book…. though it would be nice if it was… but as it’s the first one I have ever finished then I am quite pleased . I did write 50000 words before this and then scrap it and start again.

I need to edit the last part so it may get a little longer as am prone to getting bored and writing one sentence when it would be perfectly acceptable to write six.

Being a shy quiet person I always felt I had to say things in as few words as possible before anybody listening got bored. Assuming they wanted to listen in the first place. But I am assuming that I dont need to be in such a rush when writing.

I remember years ago strangely enough also when I was staying here by myself for a month, I wrote 30000 words and then I read it and it felt like I was in a race.

I have been practising reading it aloud as if I was reading it on radio 4 and if it sounds ok then am assuming it is.

Before I began I read lots of short articles on how to write a book. I picked two pieces of advice to follow. One was relax and have fun( or something vaguely like that) and the other was, Don’t listen to any advice , just do it.

So I am pretty well finished. And that was my plan ….as I am not so great at finishing things.

Today I felt like I needed to talk to someone and managed to reach two family members in one day . What a luxury.

Then because it was miserable, grey and rainy I worked on my self portrait. I think I made my head too big so today I had to make the rest of myself bigger to match. There was no way I was going to make my head smaller as I am pleased with it . It was a little tricky and involved measuring and comparing things. Not my best subject. However I think it is better though I can imagine that tomorrow when I look at it with fresh eyes I might need to adjust some things. I like my jeans. Am pleased with how they have turned out. I am more less life size.

I can see a little bit of blue sky now when I look out the window. Hurray!

Today I couldn’t find a report on the numbers of cases in Basilicata. I felt a little lonely this morning as because of this virus I probably won’t see my family until next year at the earliest. However I plan to work as much as possible so that when I can go back I have made the most of this time. I definitely am hoping/ planning for a new normal.

Is getting near wine time now. I enjoyed Hamish Macbeth on youtube last night. It is much funnier than I remember. I think I have only ever seen one episode. The whole of the first series is available. So cheers !!!

My rose is looking a bit battered after all this rain.
Might need to move the arms on the chair so that I look more relaxed. Though I was actually sitting there thinking I hope my camera doesnt fall off the edge of the chair which was balanced on a table and trying to manage a determined expression.. ……

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